Researchers Found New Causes of Cell Aging

A recently released study in the Journal of Biological Chemistry could possibly help to comprehend the cell aging procedure. The research may also introduce more effective treatments and medications that could rapidly enhance the soundness of people’s elderliness.

Assistant Professor Nick Graham, who was involved in the study, said the team was digging deep to search for the reasons behind cell age so that they might develop drugs and treatments for better aging.

Researchers discovered that senescence is a root process that causes preventing the development of new cells, it also leads to developing critical diseases such as arthritis, cardiovascular disease, and age-related issues as well. As lead author Delfarah explained, senescence cells perform the exact opposite of stem cells, which have the ability to be divided and renewed. On the contrary, senescence cells can never be separated.

Senescent cells were found obstructing the procedure of developing nucleotide, which is known as a fundamental unit to form DNA. When young cells are enforced to block the production of nucleotides, the cells become senescence. This means that the continued development of nucleotides is highly requisite to retain the youthfulness of cells, Delfarah elaborated.

It clearly states that if medication could stop blocking the production of nucleotide synthesis, the cells might have more time to turn old, Delfarah added.

Senescence is the body’s defensive boundary against cancer growth; when cells support harm that could shove them into danger for disease, they enter senescence and quit proliferating as to not form into cancer and spread.


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