Credit Suisse Dismissed Thiam of Spying Former Wealth Manager

Credit Suisse has dismissed its chief operating officer Tidjane Thiam from conducting a blunder spying to track the bank’s former wealth manager and his wife through Zurich.

Former wealth manager Iqbal Khan stepped down from his position in July and recently started serving at Credit Suisse rival UBS. Khan was under surveillance by a spy appointed by the bank for seven working days.

Credit Suisse said Thiam had immediately left the bank when an internal inquiry performed by Homburger law firm interpreted how Pierre-Olivier Bouee alone made the decision to observe Khan’s activities if he was insisting on former co-workers with ally UBS.

The board of directors of the bank also governs the surveillance, calling it wrong and undue activity that has led to reputational harm to the bank.

In a hurriedly organized conference, the Credit Suisse chairman, Urs Rohner, said that the investigation done by Thiam was extraordinary and not permissible. It was totally wrong and against business ethics, he added. He also apologized and expressed intense condolences to the family of a security consultant who killed himself for helping Bouée organize the spying.

Two major investors have said they needed Tidjane, planner of a general three-year restructure up at the bank he participated in 2015, to remain except if it was indicated he overstepped the law.

The examination didn’t discover evidence against Khan and failed to explain if he had endeavored to poach workers or customers from Credit Suisse. It also didn’t uncover any proof that the observation was identified with the individual contrasts between Khan and Thiam as has been accounted for by the media, a synopsis of the test’s discoveries said.

Khan was known as the smooth and aggressive chief, placing life into Thiam’s procedure of reshaping the bank into a riches the broad juggernaut to match greater companion UBS.


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