Google Launches Pixel 4 with Radar Sensor and Budget Laptop

Google introduced a range of the latest Pixel smartphones, which are coupled with a superior radar sensor to pursue hand indications. Pixel 4 also has higher quality cameras and faster virtual assistants, though there is a lack of something that fails to make smartphones more supreme than similar products existing in the market.

The Pixel 4 will be available in two sizes, Google announced while the smartphone launches alongside its latest smart speaker, Wifi router, wireless earbuds, and laptop.

Four years ago, Google initiated the development of hardware in the Pixel range, betting that the smartphone will also bring artificial intelligence into it that will perform faster than other smartphones offered by its competitors. It will also be pursued by customers for its diverse features, the company added.

The move has shown assorted consequences, though Google is striving to move ahead and not surrender to robust rivals such as Facebook Inc. and, which have been spending more on hardware to deliver such products that insist users spend more time on devices.

The company has been registering higher sales revenue in its lower-priced device segment, but still, those devices cannot be considered sales-driving. Google’s exclusive devices have failed to be praised by customers compared to other devices introduced in the industry by companies such as Apple Inc. and Samsung Electronics owing to ineffective marketing strategy.

A device analyst said that consumer purchasing trends are wheeling towards affordable smartphones rather than a premium range of smartphones that costs over $800.

With the Pixel 3a, Google has successfully leaped its sales by 4.1 million to June 2019. However, the company reported less than 1% shipment of smartphones during the second quarter, the technology research company said.


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