Limiting Access to Food Could Prompt for Exercise

Setting limits on food consumption in mice exhibits increased levels of hormones and ghrelin and could lead to increased motivation to exercise, as per a new study published in the Journal of Endocrinology.

According to a clinical experiment, the rise in mice’s hormone and ghrelin levels, after a period of abstaining from food and drinks, enabled mice to perform voluntary exercises, the researchers explained.

The research findings eventually indicate that a well-maintained diet, limited food consumption, or fasting for the meantime, may help obese people prolong their exercise routine, lose weight more effectively, and prevent severe illnesses including heart disease and diabetes.

Currently, obesity appears to be a global health concern that needs better preventative efforts to avoid critical health complications.

Proper diet and enough physical exercise are two leading ways to tackle and prevent obesity. A sedentary lifestyle, poor habit of foot intake, and consuming heavy quantity of food are the major reasons for increasing obesity in developed countries.

Dr. Yuji and researchers from Kurume University School of Medicine in Japan, has analyzed the association between ghrelin levels and exercise in mice. They compared food intake and wheel-running activities of two groups; from which one group had unlimited access to food and the other one was being fed twice a day.

Though both groups consumed the same amount of food, mice who consumed limited food ran performed better than other groups, researchers observed.

Moreover, mice who were free to access food and given ghrelin also ran notably faster than others. Researchers noted that these findings prompted the ghrelin said to have an important role in motivation to exercise and feed too.

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