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Apple Worried, Former Employees Will Flee Before Their Trial

Apple Inc. is worried about two former employees who were accused of stealing the company’s trade secrets, who would try to run away before their trials if they are not properly tracked, the iPhone maker expressed its concern in federal court on Monday.

During a trial in U.S. District Court, prosecutors clashed that Apple’s Chinese-born employees Jizhong Chen and Xiaolang Zhang should be under continuous monitoring as they could potentially flee before their trails.

Xiaolang Zhang was working with Apple’s secretive self-driving car project and captured project files before declaring that he was going to join a Chinese firm, federal prosecutors accused. Zhang was caught by federal agents at San Jose airport just before boarding a flight to China.

Following the allegations, Chen got hold of more than 2,000 files from Apple, encompassing diagrams, computer screens, photographs, manuals, and schematics presenting the company’s secure database. He was possibly aiming to share those files. He was detained by federal agents at a train station while taking a train to San Francisco International Airport.

The men were each accused of one tally of criminal competitive innovation theft and argued not guilty. They were discharged on bail not long after their capture and have been checked from that point forward.

Lawyer Daniel Olmos, who spoke to the men, said Monday that both had family motivations to visit China and had given no indication of disregarding their pre-preliminary conditions up until now.


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