Driving Distraction Results Grave Incidence on US Roads

New York has legally banned people from talking on a hand-held phone while driving for the last 20 years. Texting was also prohibited more than 10 years ago, and many counties in the U.S. have imposed strict laws for distracted driving.

Still, nearly 3000 people yearly died from distracted driving in the U.S., according to federal study analysis. The actual number is far higher than the records. Laws become powerless when drivers single glance at phone results in grave deaths.

Fleet management organizations and insurance agencies are going around technology companies that observe the momentum and speed of a phone to notify whenever it will be used by a driver.

Drivers were also asked by a smartphone driving platform, TrueMotion Inc., to trace their phone usage while they are driving instead of rewards or insurance incentive offers.

Drivers in America have been receiving reminders about the circumstances, penalties, and laws of cell distractions, though they continue to shove themselves and others in severe road accidents.

TrueMotion likewise imparted progressively granular information to Bloomberg of outings in and around Los Angeles and New York City from this past summer—one of the occasions in the year when occupied driving is at its most noteworthy.

Data presenting trends in TrueMotion is not so bad. The driving-distraction appears to have dropped in the past year, possibly owing to a series of new regulations and urges coming from citizens. Regions like Massachusetts are becoming more aware of their provincial driving laws, and it has signed a bill that prohibits any driver from holding a phone on wheels. Maine and Florida also implemented similar laws earlier this year.


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