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FCC Decides to Take Action Against User Location Data Dealer

The U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) will take action averse to a wireless carrier regarding the evident unlicensed sale of real-time location data from users, chairman Ajit Pai announced on Friday.

In mid-2018, the FCC said it was gazing at reports that a website issue could have permitted it to trace the location of mobile users to its enforcement bureau for investigation. The FCC enforcement bureau has deduced that one or more carriers have contravened federal law, Pai said in a letter sent to Congress.

This act should be a humiliation for the FCC, as it takes an extremely long time to understand that suspicious dealers can sell one’s location details within your limits based on your wireless mobile data, FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel said resentfully. Thought about how information could be used on the black market would be truly frightening, she added.

None of the wireless carriers, including Sprint Corp, Verizon Commission and T-Mobile US refused to comment on the FCC letter, sources said.

According to a trade group operating as a wireless carrier, after perceiving accusations of data misuse, companies immediately inquired about the issue and eliminated access to data and concurrently stopped those programs, the company said.

The FCC will shortly issue a formal notice to FCC commission members informing them about liability to any carrier, Pai said

U.S. Senator Ron Wyden told the FCC in 2018, that wireless carriers were dealing with users’ location information details to a suspected jailed phone company, which was helping prison guards access data and track users’ mobile phones. He earlier said that he is keenly observing how the FCC treats those companies.


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