Global Octane Improver Market: Drivers, Regional Landscape, & Growth Estimate

Octane improver is a fuel additive, which is mainly being used to raise the quality of the fuel and boost productivity also. It is classified under oxygenate categories since it acts as compression inhibitors and also increases octane ratings of the fuel. It allows using fuel at a higher compression ratio for considerable efficiency and power.

Fastened governmental rules and regulatory frameworks promote the importance of fuel efficiency, which is a key factor that drives the demand for octane improvers worldwide. Presently, agencies such as U.S. EPA and NHTSA are heavily concentrating on octane improvements since traditional fuel sources are causing tremendous carbon emission in the environment; the emerging grave concerns are posing positive impacts on the global octane improver market.

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Octane improver fuel additives such as methyl tertiary-butyl ether (MTBE), ethanol, and ethyl tertiary-butyl ether (ETBE) are extensively being used in the market. Its attributes such as slashing air pollutants, octane improvement, and reduction in greenhouse gas are likely to boost its demand during the upcoming years. Diesel fuels are being widely consumed for public transportation, which contains fuel additives, thus rising diesel fuel demand is also anticipated to boost the market in the near future.

During the forthcoming years, the U.S. and European countries are expected to surge the demand for octane improvement, which is going to be used for advanced technologies in passenger vehicles. European countries are also reporting leaping demand following North America, due to greater consumer acceptance and demand from the marine and automotive sectors. The Asia Pacific stands one-third place, as it also prompts octane improver demand owing to the large petrochemical industry and the presence of the big Chinese market.

Regions studied in the report are:

• Regions
North America
Asia Pacific
Rest of the World

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The global octane improver market is witnessing surging competition with major fuel additives manufacturers across the world. The influencing trend of using bio-ethanol in biofuels is likely to provide octane improver manufacturers opportunities to develop various applications. Prominent companies operating in the global octane improver market are Valero Renewables Fuels, Dorf Ketal Fuels, LyondellBasell Industries, BP Plc, BASF SE, etc

Vital segments included in the report are:

• Additive Types

• End-users
Marine & Aviation


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