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Hong Kong Reported First Death From Coronavirus

Hong Kong reported the first death from the coronavirus today since the number of cases in China reached 20,000. Hong Kong would be the second-largest coronavirus victim apart from China, reports say.

The U.S. said it is devising from the potential threat of an outbreak, despite the majority of virus cases found in Hubei territory in China. The spread could be controlled and slow down if the main sources of the new virus attacked in co-operation between affected and neighboring countries, the WHO said.

A 39-year-old resident of Hong Kong who was recently affected by the virus died Tuesday at Princess Margaret Hospital, sources reported. According to local sources, the man traveled from Wuhan, where the first case of coronavirus was found.

This is deemed to be the second death case that occurred outside mainland China, as the Philippines confirmed the death of a man from Wuhan on Sunday.

The Hong Kong executive already affirmed the emergency in the city on Jan. 25. Ho Iat-Seng was under pressure to block all the borders connected to mainland China. The city will ban passing through 10 out of 13 borders with mainland China on Monday in an effort to decelerate the speed of the outbreak.

Macau is seeking to shut down casino gaming operations for half a month to curb a lethal coronavirus outbreak. The move poses an impact on the casino’s share price, which plunged after Macau asked it to initiate such a step to constraint coronavirus.

Macau’s request needs to be discussed within the gambling industry, as it has already been struggling to uplift its annual revenue over the last year, Ho Iat-Seng briefed. Macau will be able to manage economic costs and the closure of casinos will be the first since a cyclone beat the region in 2018.


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