Huawei Investments in 5G Could Harm UK Security: Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson is uncertain whether to allow Chinese telecommunications equipment giant Huawei to enter the UK 5G network market. Considering the Five Eyes intelligence alliance, the move might be a hostile decision, since the US president coercing other regions to respond in the same manner the US responds against Huawei.

All his acts signal that the UK is not willing to accept the Chinese company’s investment. National security became enormously significant while making the decision regarding Huawei, Johnson said.

I don’t want to be averse to foreign investment. On the contrary, the UK neither tolerates national security concerns nor can we prejudice the national potential to unite with other partner nations of the Five Eyes intelligence alliance, Johnson said when asked about his decision. That will be the primary point of reference that notifies our decision about Huawei, he added.

The British PM expressed his most straightforward acceptance hitherto that Huawei’s insertion into the 5G network might undermine the UK’s cooperation with Five Eyes.

Huawei has been persistently declining accusations charged against it, saying that the company alongside its equipment complies with the laws of countries with whom it shares business relationships.

Following Johnson’s mediation, a Huawei representative stated: “We’re sure the UK government will keep taking a goal, proof-based way to deal with digital security. Our clients trust us since we supply the sort of secure, versatile frameworks called for by the Nato Declaration and will keep working with them to fabricate imaginative new systems.”


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