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Hundreds of Migrants Transfixed at Mexico-Guatemala border

The masses from Central America struggling to set foot in the United States were fastened near the Mexico-Guatemala border on Wednesday as the Mexican government bolstered their security as they pledged the U.S. to restrain the surge of Central American migrants.

Since signing an agreement with the U.S. and Central American regions, Mexico has plunged under enormous pressure to curb the flow of migrants desperately heading towards the U.S. The country has taken robust action to reduce the flow of migrants.

Migrants resting in Tecun Uman were shocked when they were taken to the Guatemalan side of the border. We imagined that they will allow us to pass through, the same way the caravans crossed in October, migrants from Honduran said.

The caravans were wisely treated by Mexican and Guatemalan authorities. But, it’s weird now because they want us to be in Mexico, they added.

Most migrants have been facing issues such as home violence and poverty mostly. In October 2018, a large caravan of migrants crossed through Mexico and headed north. Currently, Mexican security forces are performing tear gas attacks on the surge in order to prevent them from crossing the border.

Despite beefed-up security, more than 1,000 Honduran migrants coped with threats and reached Mexico on Tuesday. The newly entered migrants will be immediately expelled from Mexico by planes or buses, Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo said. On Wednesday, 460 migrants were deported, while others managed to steer towards the north.

Trump has over and again taken steps to rebuff Mexico and Central American nations in the event that they neglect to clip down on the transient streams. That has brought about a progression of understandings planned for conveying on Trump’s crusade vows to check the movement.


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