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Indonesia Intervaning Bonds to Protect Currency Amid Virus Outbreak

The Central Bank of Indonesia decided to take strong action plans to protect a sinking national currency, with the surging effects of coronavirus outbreak on the economy prompting stakeholders to sell their shares and bonds in Indonesia.

The Bank Indonesia performing bravely by interposing in non-deliverable funds, currency, and bonds in efforts to guard the rupiah, the central bank’s executive director of monetary management, Nanang Hendarsah, said. The monetary authority is set to purchase 1.5 trillion rupiahs from the secondary market, he added.

Indonesia has reported nearly 0.5% fall in rupiah to a U.S. dollar. The drop seems the lowest over the period of last month. Indonesian rupiah posted its first weekly loss since investors from overseas sold out their sovereign bonds of more than $560 million during the last week.

As the coronavirus started spreading out of Chinese provenance, restraining international travel in countries like Indonesia, investors began to react responding to the global sell-off. Chinese authorities slashed currency and drove up the financial system by adding cash on Monday as the market abruptly fell on trade reopening after the Lunar New Year holiday.

The country had already warned of the unusual threat of coronavirus by Bank of Indonesia Governor Perry Warjiyo, as the virus was roving beyond China and Wuhan. Indonesia has directed canceling all direct flights from and to mainland China since 5th Feb. Also, it already terminated offering visas on arrivals for Chinese citizens.

The selloff in Indonesian bonds and stocks also proceeded on Monday as stakeholders became tense over the effects of the coronavirus. The Jakarta Composite Index of stocks, which topped the greatest loss in two years in January, tumbled as much as 1.1% on Monday to 5,877.201, the most reduced level since May 17. The yield on benchmark 10-year sovereign securities rose 5 premise focuses on 6.729%.


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