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McDermott Nearing to File for Bankruptcy, Sources Said

McDermott International Inc. will file for bankruptcy as it is not capable of holding the leaping burden of debts. The Texas-based company hauled more than $4 billion of debt load, people familiar with the matter said.

The multinational engineering and construction company, which builds oil platforms and gas plants for energy producers, is seeking a restructuring plant that might convert its debt into equity shares with continuing loan lenders getting the better of the shares. The restructuring plan may allow unsecured creditors to receive fewer than 10% if equity with warrant bonds, sources said.

The restructuring plan still hasn’t reached the final stage of execution, seeing possible negotiation changes to occur. Leading investment companies including HPS Investment Partners and Baupost Groups are willing to offer a bankruptcy loan of nearly $2 billion to the company.

Since last September, the company has been undergoing intense pressure; its bond and stock also dove into headlines after recruiting consultants for a turnaround. It also grappled over the completion of the acquisition of Chicago Bridge and Iron Co. The company strove to empty the accumulated projects that limited its revenue.

Toward the end of last year, the organization verified piece of a $1.7 billion financing package and went into a forbearance agreement with a portion of its loan specialists, yet that alleviation period lapsed Jan. 15. Its credit understandings were revised with the goal that increasing the speed of its bonds wouldn’t establish a default through Jan. 21. On Friday, its 2024 bonds were exchanging around 9.5 pennies on the dollar, as indicated by Trace’s bond-exchanging information.

McDermott has also been struggling to bolster its liquidity by selling the Lummus Technology business, one of its subsidiaries. It also received uninvited bids for Lummus, acquiring the entirety of some parts of the subsidiary for 2.5 billion.


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