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Sony planning to make all watches- turns into the smart wrist watch

As per the news updated- Sony is planning to launch a strap which makes all watches – smartwatch not exactly but a little bit- the report says. Wena- the smart wrist straps, the general thought & idea behind the strip which is available as normal and pro-versions is to replace the normal wristband of a watch. Inside the Wena- smart Wrist Straps there is a mini OLED display and other techs that you had found on smart watches. Instead of being housed in the watch body, the tech electronics now sit in the grip of the bracelet and are hardly noticeable in day to day life.

With the Wena smart Wrist Straps, the owners have the possibility to be assured about incoming messages very carefully. As the report shows- Greeting to NFC you can pay with the watch – or better: the bracelet/strap. The Pro-version is smartly developed for use in sports and the same made of rubber instead of the metal body. It also has smart features like- GPS and a heart rate monitor. Both versions of the Sony Wena smart Wrist Strap are available in 18, 20 or 22 mm width.

As per news, Wena is not a new trend in the wrist wearable market but Wena, as a brand, raised from a Sony startup program. The elision stands for Wear Electronics Naturally smart wrist band/strap. As early as 2015, Wena had shown the first models of the straps, which could be merged with watches specially produced by Citizen. The idea of simply merging them with any standard watch is the most significant novelty of the Wena smart Wrist Strap in 2019, which is probably a great thought or idea.

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