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Tesla Model 3 Exclusive looks, Beauty In Hand

If, you look out all the cars from the last two to three years SUV, Super Big Cars, and Hyper cars etc. There just one thing we can see off technology that nothing we have ever seen. Yes, we are talking about the Tesla Model 3 which is fully electric and will make it to in India in sometime in 2019. It does have competition with BMW 3 series, Audi A4, MERCEDES-BENZ C-CLASS, and JAGUAR XE. The Tesla Model 3 is stupendously a high-tech vehicle along with futuristic innovative facets built in an elaborate and pioneering procedure. But the possessor of the cars who is currently living through the polar vortex-induced cold is having rather old fashioned issues — the door handles are freezing in place.

On social media-Twitter, complaints abound from Tesla Model 3 owners who are having some trouble accessing their cars. The Model 3 has a suave and elegant retractable door handle which sits flush with the body of the car until it is activated. Generally, owners don’t require worrying about as the door handles open automatically when the driver approaches the car door. Otherwise, you can push on the edge of the handle to open it. However, due to the freezing conditions across much of the U.S., many people are finding that their car handles are frozen shut easily. Tesla Model 3 comes high-standard with highly advanced hardware capable of offering Enhanced Autopilot innovative features today, and fully self-driving capabilities in the future. Indeed, Tesla Model 3 is unlike any other car like- people can use their smartphone as a car key, and properly access all driver controls in the central 15-inch touchscreen feature-centre of the car itself. Tesla Model 3, it’s a brilliant & dynamic super feature able car.

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