TikTok Designated Beckerman as Head of Policy Operations

TikTok has designated the head of a major internet company to helm its business in Washington, as the company is not adept at handling mounting pressure in Washington regarding its alliance with China.

Michael Beckerman currently holds the President’s position at the Internet Association, will serve TikTok, as the head of government relations in Washington, the spokeswoman said. The company has suffered tremendous pressure from Washington policies, investigating the company over its potential to threaten national security.

TikTok has been striving to convince U.S. authorities that it is actually an American organization by enlarging its Washington policy setup, sources said.

U.S. authorities are scrutinizing the company’s potential merger with, ByteDance-owned social media startup called to confirm whether it would risk national security.

The popular music-video app dismissed a statement blaming the company for being governed by the Chinese administration or posing any risk to U.S. users’ data. TikTok had also fought against Facebook for youth user accounts when Facebook CEO Zuckerberg expressed suspect about the company.

Michael Beckerman will step down from the Internet Association on 29, the trade group said. The Internet Association is an American lobbying group that represents the bulk of internet companies such as Amazon Inc., Facebook, and Alphabet Inc.


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